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TLB Social Media Pills (I)

TheLineBtwn presents its new blog post series: #TLBSocialMediaPills. Follow our tips and increase your Social Media engagement!

Author: María Fernández. Anthony Monteard.

Whether we work for a company ranked in Fortune 500 or in a new startup taking off, we all experience pretty much the same professional challenges. For instance, do you struggle to get your social media audience to participate in a conversation? Well, it can be really difficult to actively engage your audience, so there is nothing to be ashamed of… Especially since we have a solution!

Don’t worry if you’re not an expert at handling the web or don’t have a master’s degree in social media strategy. The Line Between can help you to break the deadlock and that’s why we would like to give you some tips on how to increase your social media engagement. These tips come from our real world experience working on social media campaigns and we have called them Social Media Pills. Here you have the first one:

PILL 1: MAKE IT PERSONAL (show your personal side & share customer stories) 

If you show your personal side, people will feel closer to you. For that reason, getting personal is a good way to build a trustful relationship with consumers. Continue reading

#TheLineBtwnTalks: Big Data for Big Consumers

TheLineBtwn is delighted to announce the second talk of our series #TheLineBtwnTalks which are held every other months at WeWork Soho West.

Author: Álex Gargallo


TheLineBtwn is delighted to announce the second talk of our series #TheLineBtwnTalks that takes place every two months at WeWork Soho West. Our goal is to engage in discussions with renowned professionals on the latest news, perspectives and ideas on digital marketing in the cultural and creative industries.

The second talk will revolve around how the use of big data/analytics will affect us both as consumers and citizens. We will have speakers from three different areas: Fashion (private sector), government (public sector) and Environmental, Social and Governance (mix between both private and public sectors.)

Continue reading

Review of our first #TheLineBtwnTalks: How to enter a new market the right way

On March 25th, TheLineBtwn hosted the first talk of an exciting series that will take place every two months at WeWork Soho West.

Our first talk was about the proper way to enter into a new market.  We invited Lenore Kantor, a branding and launch expert. She shared her expertise with us and gave advice on how to launch a new company or product. She described the process and the aspects we need to take into account such as knowing the resources you have or the staff you might need.

As a counterpart, our very own Álex Gargallo gave an overview about digital marketing needs when entering a new market. She showed how having an attractive website, setting your goals in advance, having the ability of learning from the experience of your competitors and creating integrated campaigns are a must in order to succeed. We will post a more detailed article about it over the next week!

To conclude the event, we enjoyed ourselves over wine, snacks and homemade Spanish omelet while mingling with each other. You can take a peek of how fun it was in the following video (and yes, we had all that food!! 😉 )

If you don´t want to miss any of our cool events please follow us on social media. Our next event will be at the end of May. We will give more details soon… stay tuned!!