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Best tools for choosing your web colors palette

As promised, today we’ve selected a few tools to help you choose the colors of your website. There’s plenty of instruments in the net, but here we comment our favourite options to work with.

Author: Aina Borras


This is one of the best tools to create color schemes. It offers us an infinity of predefined combinations and we can also create our own schemes using a really intuitive and easy-to-use interface. To download the themes, it’s necessary to subscribe with an email account. The most interesting point is the keyword search option (you can see “New York” combinations at the following image).

Kuler screenshot


A simple interface to create web color schemes that offers an essential tool to ensure the accessibility of our website: a simulation of the color combination vision to people with impaired vision. We don’t need to sign in to download our palette!

Paletton screenshot

 Web Colour Data

This tool allows us to extract the color combination of an existing website simply introducing the url. If we like a website, we can get inspiration from its color scheme in order to create our own palette. Check out the color of MASmedios website here ;D

Web Colour Data screenshot

 Colour Lovers

A community of fans of color design. The most interesting option of this tool is the possibility of search the last trends in colors combination to inspire ourselves in how to arrange the colors of our website.

Colour Lovers

 Color Blender

This tool allow us, from two colors, draw a palette from 1 to 10 colors more, and also (this is the point, in fact), obtain the color codes in Hexadecimal, RGB and RGB percentage.

Color blender screenshot

 Color explorer

This tool allow us to do a lot of things, but the main difference from the others resources we mentioned before is the possibility to upload a photo and obtain the palette from it.

Color Explorer screenshot

We hope you enjoy our recommendations and we will gratefully accept yours in the comments!

Examples of color trends in web design

Choosing the perfect colors for your web is a must to give your website a really neat look

Author: Aina Borras

A few days ago Shutterstock launched an infographic with the color trends around the world for 2014 and that made us surf the web to find inspiration.

Are you also looking for some quicker color inspiration? We gathered a fresh round of websites using the coolest colors in the web!

First of all, we need to show you some webs that feature the pantone’s color of the Year, Radiant Orchid

Orange seems to be one of the most used colors in US (you know, the new black!), we’ve chosen two websites based in this color

Another cool color is green:

And at last, the classic b/w option!

You can have more extra information about the website colors meaning in this Smashing Magazine article.

And now, in which colors are you thinking about? Next chapter, a sample of tools to decide your website palette.