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The 5 Easiest Ways to Find Investors

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Author: Verónica Ruiz

Do you remember Waldo? Wasn’t challenging to find his red-and-white-striped shirt, bobble hat, and glasses hidden in the middle of a crowd at first? However, once you had spotted him the first time, it became easier to do so in the next illustrations.

The same thing happens with investors: Where are they? How can you identify them? Are they in different scenarios?

To launch a startup, or to make it grow, economic support is eventually needed. As we all know, it’s not always easy to find investors. The good news is that, as it happens with Waldo, once you have found them the first time, it becomes easier. We hope the following steps will help you to learn where to look for investors and how to identify them: Continue reading

Pitching Investors: Because money doesn’t grow on trees

Author: Verónica Ruiz

Are you trying to come up with the next viral idea that will help your start-up finally take off? Or are you waiting for an investor to show up at your doorstep and say “Hey, I’m giving you some money because you’re awesome. No refunds, bye!”? If so, maybe you should wake up. This might happen to some lucky people, but odds are that you are not going to be one of them. So, the best thing you can do is to start creating an effective elevator pitch to introduce your company or idea to the world.

Let’s assume you have a great product. You have worked really hard on it, you know all the details about it and you have a thorough business plan. However, you don’t know where to find economic support. Well, here are some steps that can put you in your way to success.

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#TheLineBtwnTalks: Big Data for Big Consumers

TheLineBtwn is delighted to announce the second talk of our series #TheLineBtwnTalks which are held every other months at WeWork Soho West.

Author: Álex Gargallo


TheLineBtwn is delighted to announce the second talk of our series #TheLineBtwnTalks that takes place every two months at WeWork Soho West. Our goal is to engage in discussions with renowned professionals on the latest news, perspectives and ideas on digital marketing in the cultural and creative industries.

The second talk will revolve around how the use of big data/analytics will affect us both as consumers and citizens. We will have speakers from three different areas: Fashion (private sector), government (public sector) and Environmental, Social and Governance (mix between both private and public sectors.)

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Online Reputation: Six steps to own and manage your presence on the Internet

Author: Verónica Ruiz

Have you ever googled your company or your own name on Facebook? Did you find yourself? Were you surprised by the results? If you did, you have probably felt funny about how you cannot control some things. Yes, that can happen when you see what is being said about you on the internet!

Some weeks ago I attended with a friend to a fascinating workshop at General Assembly about online reputation. We learned some tricks to improve and, most importantly, to control our presence on the Internet. Continue reading

New York TechDay: Review and highlights

Author: Verónica Ruiz


Last week TheLineBtwn attended TechDay 2015, New York’s largest startup event, with over 400 exhibitors and more than 10,000 attendees. As you can imagine, the Pier 92 that was housing the event was crowded all day long.  It was full of young and talented companies with amazing and innovative ideas, investors, journalist and digital marketing professionals like us :). Continue reading

How to enter a new market the right way: the digital approach

Author: Álex Gargallo

When entering a new market there are certain things we tend to forget, even when they are pretty obvious. These things can be as important as researching our target market before entering into it, or having a clear digital marketing strategy. Although it’s clear that selling will probably take up most of our time at the beginning; a good digital marketing strategy can actually help us to reinforce our sales, as well as help us to generate buzz and build a community. These are really important aspects when entering a new market!

Here you’ll find an overview of the things you are going to need in order to successfully enter a new market: Continue reading