Big News for The Line Between!

Author: María Fernández Pello At The Line Between we work hard during the summer to make sure that our beloved customers are being taken care of. Moreover, we are excited to welcome two amazing clients to our family: Roca Tile USA and The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).  Bienvenidos! Let us introduce you:

How to enter a new market the right way: the digital approach

Author: Álex Gargallo When entering a new market there are certain things we tend to forget, even when they are pretty obvious. These things can be as important as researching our target market before entering into it, or having a clear digital marketing strategy. Although it’s clear that selling will probably take up most of … More How to enter a new market the right way: the digital approach

Storytelling for business: An introduction

Authors: Aina Borras and Álex Gargallo We have recently attended a fascinating workshop on storytelling at General Assembly called: “Storytelling for entrepreneurs: Presentation to elevator pitches”. The instructor, Andrew Linderman, is a writer, storyteller and story coach. The workshop’s goal was to teach how to use storytelling techniques in business settings. The session began with … More Storytelling for business: An introduction