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Tasty times for The Line Between

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Author: Verónica Ruiz

Once again, TheLineBtwn has some big news to share! Spring is blooming, sunny days are coming up, and the desire to hang out with friends increases. Could there be a better time to announce that WINE has entered our lives? 😉

Quixote´s Wine

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How to enter a new market the right way: the digital approach

Author: Álex Gargallo

When entering a new market there are certain things we tend to forget, even when they are pretty obvious. These things can be as important as researching our target market before entering into it, or having a clear digital marketing strategy. Although it’s clear that selling will probably take up most of our time at the beginning; a good digital marketing strategy can actually help us to reinforce our sales, as well as help us to generate buzz and build a community. These are really important aspects when entering a new market!

Here you’ll find an overview of the things you are going to need in order to successfully enter a new market: Continue reading