Our Year in Pictures: The Line Between

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Author: María Fernández

Yes, it is that time of the year again! And while getting ready to celebrate all our achievements in 2016, we cannot avoid feeling a bit nostalgic when looking back. What a wonderful year we have had at The Line Between!


We can say with certainty that we have made the most of 2016: welcoming new clients and team members, changing our office location, launching products, organizing our customers’ events, attending multiple parties and even filming our own tribute to Spanish tapas.

We are always willing to go the extra mile for our clients, even if we have to shed blood, sweat and tears. But it is also true that we have tons of fun and couldn’t be happier for all the experiences we share every day. And because you all are part of our success,  we want to share with you the pictures that summarize some of our best moments in 2016.

Some of our delicious #BtwnBreakfast treats:

13407215_1017497794997338_1870366607187506887_n 14435239_1099626686784448_370096835960977544_obreakfast2






Our new office in Soho, NYC:







Some of the events we have prepared with our clients:

13433289_821585024641113_4589623248244211247_o 13308411_813934605406155_4151121335953052104_o _n3a5073  compac_10 compac_190

We have attended parties too!

13015376_10153383975756744_2492690840734214441_n 13413667_1021896204557497_4461143942205979914_n 13445674_1021896234557494_2864548049849844058_n 14520358_10154549820038838_4624002855759773893_n unnamed-1








Frames of some of our video creations:

13465970_1019313424815775_2783630429044026691_n foto-articulo

screenshot-www-youtube-com-2016-12-08-18-15-36 screenshot-www-youtube-com-2016-12-08-18-16-37

And this is us doing what we do best: enjoying work!









Sending you lots of love and wishing you a very Happy Holiday season and a super Happy New Year! See you in 2017!!!

The Line Between Team

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