Prettying TheLineBtwn up!

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Author: Verónica Ruiz

2016 has been an amazing year for TheLineBtwn, full of new challenges and exciting projects. We cannot imagine a better way to close the year than welcoming a new client. Yes, that´s right, at the end of 2016 the beauty company Bioline-Jatò has joined our family. At TheLineBtwn we are looking forward to working with them and showing off an enviable skin in 2017 🙂

Welcome aboard, Bioline-Jatò!


With almost 40 years of experience and present in over 45 countries worldwide, BIOLINE-JATÒ has become a global model in the manufacture and distribution of beauty products and treatments. Its moto “Italian Research and Beauty” perfectly defines the pillars of the brand – the tradition and nature of Italy’s Trentino region. Bioline-Jatò’s closeness and commitment can only be found in a family business. The company is a pioneer in aesthetic treatments thanks to its investment in research and advanced technology and the training of professionals. Bioline-Jatò is committed to the pursuit of beauty and the creation of products that aspire to perfection.

Bioline + The line Btwn

In the United States, Bioline-Jatò entered the market a few years ago through different networks of spas and beauty centers. Offering more than 150 products from both professional and homecare product lines, Bioline Jatò promotes an ideal of beauty, health and culture of well-being as a source of energy and creativity. Hereafter, The Line Between will create the perfect digital strategy to spread their excellence.

We couldn’t be more excited about this project!

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