TLB Social Media Pills (II)

Second entry of our blog post series: #TLBSocialMediaPills. Follow our tips and increase your Social Media engagement!

Author: María Fernández Pello. Anthony Montreau.

The Line Between is here once again to share tips that will help you become that awesome social media manager we know you can be! It’s easy: Just grab a coffee, sit comfortably and read our second load of tips on how to increase your social media engagement.



As we saw in our last post, asking questions to your followers can help you to engage in a conversation with them, while showing that the company cares about what they have to say. Also, adopting a more personal tone on social media will help you to communicate better with customers. Moreover, it will allow you to learn about how they use your products in their everyday lives and what they think about them.

Try to ask your followers to share their stories on social media. Encourage them to show how they enjoy your products or simply to share images of their personal routine. You will soon gain much more personal and valuable insights about your audience than with anything you have done before! Consider giving your requests for participation the scope of a challenge, like a contest or a game: It will be more attractive for people to participate and, thus, more productive for you.

A good example of how to ask such questions to your audience can be seen in the strategy that follows, Spain’s official tourism unit. When asked a direct question, the followers of not only read the post but are also compelled to comment on it.
Spain info 1 Spain info 2 replies to the comments of followers, establishing a fruitful dialogue with them which provides very intimate and valuable insights. As in the example, you might be able to learn about your users past experiences with your brand, their feelings, and even see pictures of them! Could it get more personal than that?

You can also ask your customers to help you to improve an existing product or to create a new one by collecting suggestions from them. This is a win-win relationship since you will be able to target exactly what the consumers want, while they will recognize themselves as an integral part on the product development process. Customers will feel great about bringing their own flavor to the products they use!

A great example of this strategy is the one used by Michel et Augustin –a bakery from Brooklyn (NYC)– that constantly ask their followers for opinion on their products.

michele et augustin

Whether it’s to decide the appearance of their packaging or to choose their next book cover, the posts in which they ask for opinion have an enormous increase in engagement, leaping from 40-50 likes to more than 400! So what are you waiting for? Don’t be shy and start asking questions to your audience!

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