The Power of Video Marketing

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Author: María Fernández Pello

At The Line Between we are aware of the importance that video content has nowadays for online campaigns and social media marketing. The wide range of creative possibilities — together with its capacity to grab people’s attention — has turned video into the Internet’s favorite media. Some experts even say that it is the future of content marketing!


YouTube , Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat are the current big players of video content. Each of them offers unique features and possibilities for the development of video strategies and target highly segmented audiences. On that regard, our first step will be geared towards defining our target audience. This will help us to identify the best video platforms for our needs. Equally important is to have a clear and well-defined idea of the message and image that we want to project of ourselves and our brand. It’s precisely in the intersection of what our audience cares about and what our brand stands for where we’ll find the right type of video content that we should create.

Relevant video content can be used in many ways. Taking a look at examples of successful video campaigns can help us get some inspiration. Although, it is impossible to account for all the types of video content out there, we would like to share with you three strategies that we use:

  1. Follow trends and adapt them to your needs. Being aware of what others are doing is always a good way of generating ideas. For example, following the style of the popular videos made by the food recipe channel Tasty, we created this funny tourism campaign for The Tourist Office of Spain. Who said traveling couldn’t be delicious too? 


  2. Create thematic series. Finding a topic and sticking to it (at least for a bit) will help you to generate content and to create some sort of continuity. Our “Behind the Scenes” series for The Spanish Soho Mile 


  3. Be Human. Being approachable and showing your “human side” is an effective way of engaging with your audience. Furthermore, talking about emotions or personal feelings helps to increase the “humanity” of the video. People will be more interested if they can relate to what they are seeing. Our testimonial video for SPAIN arts & culture


Now that we have entered the world of video marketing, it’s time to start talking about rates. Video marketing fits within every type of budget. Whereas creating a short film for a campaign on YouTube or Facebook can involve a huge cost, developing a creative strategy on Instagram or Snapchat can be as affordable as having a smartphone at hand. So don’t be afraid of asking for a quote to start using this powerful way of communicating with your audience!

We look forward to seeing all your video masterpieces!


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