TLB Social Media Pills (I)

TheLineBtwn presents its new blog post series: #TLBSocialMediaPills. Follow our tips and increase your Social Media engagement!

Author: María Fernández. Anthony Monteard.

Whether we work for a company ranked in Fortune 500 or in a new startup taking off, we all experience pretty much the same professional challenges. For instance, do you struggle to get your social media audience to participate in a conversation? Well, it can be really difficult to actively engage your audience, so there is nothing to be ashamed of… Especially since we have a solution!

Don’t worry if you’re not an expert at handling the web or don’t have a master’s degree in social media strategy. The Line Between can help you to break the deadlock and that’s why we would like to give you some tips on how to increase your social media engagement. These tips come from our real world experience working on social media campaigns and we have called them Social Media Pills. Here you have the first one:

PILL 1: MAKE IT PERSONAL (show your personal side & share customer stories) 

If you show your personal side, people will feel closer to you. For that reason, getting personal is a good way to build a trustful relationship with consumers. As a result, people will be more open to do business with you. However, there is no need to reveal your whole life to the audience. Simply try to create a more personal style.

One easy way of making your brand look and feel more personal is by addressing your audience directly, asking questions, mentioning them and showing that you care about them. Whether you choose to have a more friendly and relaxed tone on social media or to adopt a more professional and serious attitude, it’s important that you always reply to comments and questions as nicely and soon as you can. In this example Compac – a stone surfaces retailer – talks directly to its audience by starting with a question.


What’s even more important is that the brand shows that they care about customers concerns. In the text, they transmit a very personal and empathetic message, although they are still recognized as a brand.

Another great way to achieve a more personal vibe on social media is to show the “inner live” of the company. From daily happenings to official meetings, including information about your team or pictures of your office space, the idea is to show your audience that there is a (lovely) bunch of people behind your brand.


WeWork NYC – a co-working network born in Manhattan – develops this strategy by posting daily tweets about their members, funny events at the office, parties and meetings, etc. However, they use a more formal tone when they post information about their facilities, their business or other professional articles. Finally, don’t forget that each company has its own goals and thus the key is to find your own balance!


And you, what tone do you use on Social Media? Share your experience with us and stay tuned for more #TLBSocialMediaPills. In the meantime you can visit us at


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