Examples of color trends in web design

Choosing the perfect colors for your web is a must to give your website a really neat look

Author: Aina Borras

A few days ago Shutterstock launched an infographic with the color trends around the world for 2014 and that made us surf the web to find inspiration.

Are you also looking for some quicker color inspiration? We gathered a fresh round of websites using the coolest colors in the web!

First of all, we need to show you some webs that feature the pantone’s color of the Year, Radiant Orchid

CSS Design Awards website screenshot
CSS Design Awards
Fannabee website screenshot

Orange seems to be one of the most used colors in US (you know, the new black!), we’ve chosen two websites based in this color

Mahedine Yahia personal page screenshot
Mahedine Yahia personal website
David Graus website screenshot
David Graus

Another cool color is green:

Jogo Colectivo demo to explain photosynthesis to kids screenshot
Jogo Colectivo. Fotosíntesis demo kids

And at last, the classic b/w option!

Berlin Art Pize website screenshot
Berlin Art Prize
Vogue US screenshot

You can have more extra information about the website colors meaning in this Smashing Magazine article.

And now, in which colors are you thinking about? Next chapter, a sample of tools to decide your website palette.


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