Post- show, Electrica memories

Images from the exhibition

Eléctrica IC-11 closed on March 26th after two months of action. Since early January, artists were creating their work inside Cervantes. Mar Gómez and Ryan V. Brennan collaborated in the creation of the work Unaddressed, composed by a teeter-totter, a video and two screens. In the piece, the viewers’ gravity triggerered a two-channel presentation of Gomez´s scene. This scene was rehearsed and filmed on a cold and rainy day in January. After the show was up, “Teeter- tottering” became the center´s most popular activity.

Alina and Jeff Bliumis brought their language barrier to Amster Yard and blocked one of the doors between the courtyard and the library with foam dictionaries. It was the first time a project of this type had been installed in the library. And speaking about the library……Itziar Barrio camouflaged posters with excerpts of Chavisa Wood´s Kryptonite poem and carefully hung the around the Center (in the library, hall…) and outside in other locations all over New York. Their project together also brought a video, a banner, Superman´s tune and an army of icons into the gallery. It was a fun and experimental project that filled Instituto Cervantes will crowds on two occasions: an electrical opening party in which Chavisa Woods did a spoken work performance and in the panel discussion Crea+S. Stay tuned for more at Amster Yard, this was JUST the beginning!


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